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Doctor’s Choice

Company with over 25 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and physical medicine. It has collaborated with more than 95 hospitals from the Government of Chile. Also, it offers equipment and products that allow the health practitioners to encourage the autonomy and independence of the people.

doctorchoice caso de estudio


Evaluate the hybrid rehabilitation model efficiency through the incorporation of telerehabilitation services.


Through Doctor's Choice, a health insurance company focused on labor accident risk and professional illness in Chile, implemented Rehub's digital platform in their rehabilitation service to treat patients with a wrist fracture, clavicle fracture, elbow fracture, ankle fracture, ankle sprain, and clavicle disjunction.

During 12 weeks, they incorporated a hybrid physical therapy model which included 1 physical session and 2 telerehabilitation sessions each week. On the other hand, the insurance company implemented protocols, and specific processes to organize the physiotherapist's work so they could use Rehub in an effective manner.

Thanks to Rehub the patients could do therapeutic exercises at home with a personalized treatment. Physiotherapists were able to remotely monitor the progress of the patients through the analysis of the program compliance and the evolution of the level of pain after each exercise, therefore the use of medical questionnaires such as SK-13, Quick DASH, or SPADI were helpful to determine clinical outcomes.

Additionally, practitioners could follow up with patients through chats and video calls, resulting in an increment in the adherence to the treatment where 75% of patients manifested being more involved and engaged in the treatment.

76 %

adherence to the treatment


per patient

91 %



physical sessions saved per patient


Now with ReHub, physiotherapists could treat a major number of patients. Taking into consideration surveys, answers to homologate questionnaires, the status of the patient, accomplish rate, and the average session, it was objectively proven that the use of the therapeutic platform had a positive impact on the patient.

In the end, an analysis report of the benefits was done and these are the results:

  • 24 physical sessions per patient saved
  • 76% of adherence to the treatment 
  • 91% of the patients recommend ReHub
  • 4.88/5 rate average in usability
  • 30% improvement from the beginning till the end of the therapy