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DKV has adopted the digital telerehabilitation platform ReHub as a technological solution to improve the assistance to users of its 1,400 affiliated rehabilitation centers throughout Spain. DKV Seguros is the pioneer firm in telemedicine services in Spain. 

With ReHub, DKV ensures care for all patients who need rehabilitation and could not be treated due to social distancing rules. The new service is currently offered in 100 centers, with prospects of reaching 1000 in the short term.

For Julio Lorca DKV Digital Health Development Director, “telemedicine has changed from being a complement, where there were few healthcare alternatives, to become an essential model of clinical care, especially effective during the Covid-19 crisis. With the ReHub platform DKV confirms its commitment to apply telemedicine to improve the quality of rehabilitation services and deliver a better user experience, by offering physiotherapy services in any location.

The DKV Group is part of ERGO, one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. It has several companies in Spain covering different topics, including DKV Servicios, which specialized in health and wellness services, which develops digital health solutions.


Personalized rehabilitation program

ReHub is a digital rehabilitation platform based on medical evidence that offers effective, remote, and personalized rehabilitation for people suffering from musculoskeletal problemsThis innovative tool maximizes operational aspects and therapeutic efficacy, promoting continuous communication between the doctor, the physiotherapist, and the patient, covering all phases of the rehabilitation process: from the first visit to full recovery. So far, more than 800 patients have been treated with this new system.

Silvia Raga, CEO and Co-founder of DyCare Solutions, highlights that “telerehabilitation enables the patient to continue with their treatment at times when it is impossible to adhere to social distancing measures“. Regarding the patient, “ReHub increases their motivation and co-responsibility with the treatment, as they feel more engaged with their improvement while performing the exercises anywhere and at any convenient time”; thanks to this, adherence levels are over 80%, lower dropout rates are achieved, obtaining better therapeutic effectiveness, all demonstrated in clinical validations. 

Experiences and testimonials shared in our blog explain how, thanks to ReHubthe physiotherapist can create personalized rehabilitation programs for each patient and progressively monitor their progress with real and objective data, as the patient performs the proposed exercises. The patient and the professional are always connected through a chat or video call, significantly reducing patient abandonment syndrome and increasing motivation to continue the treatment.

ReHub: advantages and benefits for the rehabilitation center

For the rehabilitation center, using a platform such as ReHub allows the application of new tools with several benefits: 

  • Productivity increases over 50% 
  • Cost reduction with effective treatments and optimized processes 
  • Control of the entire rehabilitation process with Business Intelligence tools
  • Clear and effective communication channels
  • Differentiation and positioning