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The Illustrious College of Physiotherapists of Andalusia has more than 10,000 professionals and thanks to its tireless work to provide its members with the best digital tools, it has signed a collaboration agreement with DyCare.

The collaboration agreement was signed by the president Juan Manuel Nieblas and our CEO, Silvia Raga, looking to help physiotherapists to digitize their professional practice through the telerehabilitation platform, ReHub, in addition to promoting training in the use of new technologies.

The agreement included the free grant of ReHub Pro licenses for one year to the first 100 registered members. Registration opened on Tuesday, October 18 at 9:00 a.m. and the licenses sold out in less than an hour, which indicates the enormous interest of the professional community in going digital.

With this investment, the ICPFA clearly demonstrates its commitment to introduce innovation into physical therapy and this partnership agreement will allow collegiate members to have access to the digital platform.

"We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with the College of Andalusia, pioneers in offering this type of tools among its members, and to promote innovation in physiotherapy together."

Silvia Raga | CEO of DyCare

 ICPFA promotes learning and being update through their own youtube channel, where they did a webinar about "Telephisiotherapy or Physioterapy online, opening new ways".  In this webinar Ana Campos, physiotherapist at e-vital talked about how ReHub improved their service and how they created a new Digital Clinic.

More than 1 million therapeutic exercises have been performed through ReHub and 90% of patients recommend it. Through ReHub, physical therapy professionals can offer hybrid or 100% online physical therapy services.

The practitioner can create and customize therapeutic exercises, monitor patient progress remotely, and increase patient adherence. With ReHub, the patient becomes the true protagonist of his or her recovery and can perform the exercises anywhere, anytime. In addition, the platform allows the patient to communicate with the physiotherapist via chat or videoconference as often as needed.

We show you how it works in this video 👇


Do you want to know more about this agreement? Send us an email at getrehub@dycare.com or contact your college directly.